Bankers & Investor Relation

Our Bankers have been a very important part of our Journey. While they have ensured that our cost of funds stays low during the stability phase, our growth phase has been timely and adequately funded by them.

YES BANK – The most recent example was in 2017-18 when the YES BANK team supervised our expansion right from the ‘Concept’ stage until ‘commissioning’. If ever there was a time where we were tentative or harboured any doubts, YES BANK hand-held us out of it. 



CANARA BANK – In 1998 when our journey commenced Canara Bank was the first bank to support us. Year after year their support has been unwavering growing stronger each year.

All our new projects have been funded by CANARA BANK. Our 22 Years association makes us a Family.


As on August 2020, our company “Aashiana Rolling Mills Limited” is a BWR-BBB rated company with a stable outlook.