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Friends Steel has a centralized procurement system for its rolling mills in Gujarat and NCR. It also suggests reliable genuine vendors to its franchisees in order to benefit from economies of large-scale purchase. We purchase raw materials like ingots, billets, coal, furnace oil etc. as well as consumables like various tools, bearings, rolls and various miscellaneous items. We procure only through our registered suppliers/vendors who supply to us on a regular basis. However, we are open to new genuine suppliers and vendors who can supply quality products at competitive price and offer reliable services.

If you are interested in supplying to us, send your proposal at info@friendssteel.com

or fill the respective form attached below and we will contact you against any requirement.


If you are a Manufacturing Company, we would like to inform you that our payment terms are second to none. Also, you would appreciate our commitment towards manufacturing in an environment friendly way. For these reasons, companies like TOYOTA have been supplying their MS scrap to us. Please allow us to know you better by filling the following form :

MS Scrap Vendor Registration Form – Manufacturing Companies 


If you are a MS Scrap Dealer, please fill the following form :

MS Scrap Vendor Registration Form – Scrap Dealers


If you are a supplier of any other goods, please fill the following form :

Other Material Vendor Registration Form 

Please fill the respective form and we will contact you soon! (*Mandatory)