Friends Franchise Model

Friends Steel is one of the fastest growing steel groups in India. The group aims to have a Pan-India presence and grow on a franchise model.

Franchising is well established worldwide and many companies like McDonalds, Dominoes, Subway etc. have grown on this model. Even the famous India Premier League (IPL) has 9 proud franchises associated with the tournament. Franchising essentially means using another firm’s successful business model or another’s companies trademark to promote one’s own business.

Currently, we have 4 proud units associated with us in Gujarat, NCR and Chattisgarh producing steel of highest quality under the patronage of “Friends Steel”. We plan to have franchise units in states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra in the next one year and establish a Pan-India footprint in 2-3 years timeframe.

In the unique franchise model, the franchisee units benefit a lot by availing FRIENDS STEEL brand premium and strong sales network, technological know-how and industry experience.

FRIENDS STEEL proposes a very unique value proposition for its franchises:

  • Benefit from “Friends Steel” brand premium and strong marketing network
  • Establish yourself as a premium steel producer and improved quality
  • Transfer of technological know how and sharing of best practices to reduce production costs, increase production quantity and at the same time improve quality as well.
  • Support in procuring raw materials, consumables (bearings, rolls etc.) and capital goods from established and genuine vendors at lower costs
  • Increase in production quantities due to higher sales volume from first month itself.
  • Better management of working capital due to faster payments made by established distributor-dealer network
  • Opportunity to diversify horizontally into other steel products under the umbrella of “Friends Steel” brand
  • Higher profitability due to higher sales prices, lower costs and higher sales volume
  • Work with a group of professional and experienced people with over 20 years’ experience in steel industry.
  • Grow rapidly along with a national brand – Friends Steel
    Friends Steel offers a complete solution to steel manufacturing companies be it strong marketing network, brand premium, technological know-how, best practice sharing or experience sharing which helps in higher operating margins and faster growth.

The unique Franchisee Model adopted by FRIENDS STEEL will revolutionize the way its’ partners do business regionally. We invite you to be a part of the ever expanding “Friends Parivaar”.

Who Can Become a Friends Franchisee?

Manufacturers having a production facility, a mindset of producing Quality Products, willing to reach out to a wider Market, May approach us for a long term Tie-up. You may mail us
on info@friendssteel.com mentioning your Product Range/Quality Control Setup/Location etc.