Cut & Bend Steel

Cut & Bends Steel

What is Cut & Bend Steel ?

Modern structures designed by architects and structural engineers around the world need steel rebars to be cut and bent to exact specifications, ensuring precision and consistency. However, the traditional way of cutting and bending rebars has a number of limitations as it is done manually using unskilled labour and hand tools. This process is not competent or cost-effective and the required shape is only roughly met. There is also a lot of wastage with unused material being discarded as scrap. It hinders better utilization of space and increases on-site inventory. With FRIENDS Cut & Bend Steel, customers get solutions that are customized for the specific requirement, made from specialized machinery that eliminates the trouble of scrap disposal. Since the cutting is done in a controlled factory environment at the FRIENDS Cut & Bend Steel Centre, customers do not have to worry about selling/reselling of scrap.

The Fast Steel is manufactured using world’s finest and automatic machines with all kinds of steel bar designs and variants from 8 mm to 32 mm bars.


CUT _ Bend Steel

By using Friends Fast Steel, end user can save on:

  • Labour Cost : Since the Cut and Bend steel reduces the dependency on manpower, it helps save money in terms man-hours
  • Construction Duration : The Cut & Bend Steel is ready to use it reduces the time required to make specific designs, thereby increasing the turnaround time
  • Working Capital : Reduced labour cost and the construction time ultimately helps have on the working capital for any project
  • Wastage : The Cut & Bend Steel is manufactured using automatic machines ensuring top-notch quality and zero wastage in terms of material and money
  • Storage and Stock : The Cut & Bend steel is ready to use so it eliminates the problem of stocks shortage or overstocking as well as storage needs

The User is also benefitted with

  • Instant Usability : The Cut & Bend Steel is available in all desired designs, shapes and sizes ensuring that it can be used right away
  • No theft / misplacement of material : Because the product is ready to use and doesn’t have to be stored for long duration, it reduces the chances of misplacement and/ or theft
  • Design Freedom : Friends Cut & Bend Steel is available in abundant design options and hence empowering the user with ample design freedom
  • Better Quality Construction : The Cut & Bend Steel is made with utmost perfection and eliminated human error and hence ensures superior quality of construction


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