Corporate Social Responsibility


Friends Steel, strives to make a difference to the society. Charity begins at home. We refrain from indulging in bombastic shows of charity.

Some of our Social activities include:

  • We firmly believe that TMT bars going into construction of Houses have to be of the Highest Possible Quality (At least should meet BIS requirements). Our Marketing Team conducts “awareness camps” and “regional engineer’s meets” in remote locations to generate awareness about good and safe practices at construction sites.
  • Friends Steel has institutionalized an Annual Award called “Late Shri Gopi Chand Goyal Genious Award” for the school students of Adroda Village, Bavla, Ahmedabad for students securing top positions. We have also pledged support for the modernization and up-gradation of the school building
  • In the quest for educating the youth of India, we are associated with a school “Savinay Vidyalaya” in Bavla. We provide books and uniform for over 500 students every year
  • We are associated to an NGO called “Akshay Patra” which provides nutritious and healthy mid-day meals to students all over India
  • To give back to our mother Earth, each member of the “Friends Parivar” actively plants trees every monsoon. Internal competitions are held to judge which team plants more trees. This year we planted more than 500 trees at our premises and surrounding areas. We have also created a permanent green belt in our factory area.