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What are Thermo-Mechanically Treated TMT bars?

TMT Bars, Thermo mechanically treated bars are high strength deformed steel bars used in reinforced cement concrete (RCC) work manufactured with the latest QST technology. TMT bars have superior properties such as superior strength, higher ductility, better weldability and bendability. Thermo mechanically treated (TMT) steel, can be described as a new-generation-high-strength steel having superior properties which meet the highest international quality standards.

What is thermo mechanically treatment process?

By adopting thermo mechanically treatment process, higher strength of TMT bars is obtained. In this process, steel bars get intensive cooling immediately after rolling. When the temperature is suddenly reduced to make surface layer hard, the internal core is hot at the same time. Due to further cooling in atmosphere and heat from the core, the tempering takes place.

When the bars are taken out of the cooling system, the heat flows from the core to the outer surface, further tempering of the bars, which helps them attain higher yield strength. The resulting heat-treated structure imparts superior strength and toughness to the bars. The microstructure of the core is a very fine-grained ferrite and pearlite. TMT bars are also known as ‘Quenched and tempered rebars’, because of the quenching and tempering processes involved in making the bars.

The production of quality TMT bar depends on three major factors – quality raw materials, a properly designed and automated mill, and a well-designed quenching and tempering technology.

This process is expected to improve properties such as yield strength, ductility and toughness of TMT bars. With above properties, TMT steel is highly economical and safe for use. TMT steel bars are more corrosion resistant than Tor steel. All rebars must be purchased based on the properties of yield strength, tensile strength and elongation values.

TMT Bars

What are “Friends 500 HD” bars?

Friends Steel has developed rebars, ‘Friends 500 HD’, with High Yield Strength with High Elongation Value.

This Steel is superior to Fe415 because of the excellent strength-ductility combination it offers. Simultaneously it fully confirms to statutory requirements. “Friends 500 HD” Bars have the potential to be used in New High Rises and give better protection against Earthquakes and savings in terms of Steel Consumption.

As a mark of our commitment to quality we have discontinued the production of Fe 415 grade bars in diameter 8, 10, 12, 16, 20 25 & 32. Only “Friends 500 HD” bars are manufactured in these sizes.

Features of “Friends 500 HD” Bars

  • Better ductility and malleability
  • High yield strength and toughness
  • More bonding strength
  • Earthquake resistance
  • High thermal resistance/Fire Resistance
  • Economical and safe in use
  • Good Weld-ability & Formability /No loss in strength at welded joints/Ordinary electrodes used for welding the joints
  • Superior Bend Properties
  • Better Elongation
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • High Fatigue Resistance

Friends rebars also come in Grades Fe 500D etc. that have uniform and concentrated hardened periphery and the softer core will have the desired tensile strengths coupled with high elongation as required in seismic zones. Friends 500 HD bars with hardened periphery of about 25 to 30 % of the cross sectional area of the bar is ideal for civil constructions (constructions of houses, offices, etc.)

Why “Friends 500 HD” Bars?

  • Superior quality by controlling impurities, such as
    • Sulphur – It decrease the strength of steel in extreme hot conditions
    • Phosphorous – It decrease the strength of steel in cold conditions
  • Friends 500 HD TMT bars have high Yield Stress.
  • Our TMT bars have dimensional tolerances which meets the IS: 1786:2008 standards

Friends 500 HD

  • C – 0.27 Max
  • CE – 0.40 Max
  • Sulphur – 0.050 Max
  • Phosphorus – 0.050 Max
  • S&P – 0.100 Max

HD = High Ductility

  • Our steel bars have optimal quantity of carbon content
  • If carbon content is high, the steel may become hard and brittle
  • If carbon content is low, the steel can become very weak

Friends 500 HD TMT steel bars have high ultimate tensile strength and at the same time they have high ductility

Mechanical Properties IS : 1786
Fe 500
IS : 1786
Fe 500 D
Friends 500 HD
(Fe 500)
Minimum Yield Stress (YS) 500 500 525
Minimum Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS) 545 565 600
Minimum Elongation (%) 12 % 16 % 18 %


SGT = Super Gripper TMT

SGT 2X (Double Grip)

TMT Bars

TMT Bars

2X pattern provides two times more area for bonding between concrete and TMT surface (as per pull out test results)

SGT 3X (Triple Grip)

TMT Bars

TMT Bars

3X pattern provides three times more area for bonding between concrete and TMT surface (as per pull out test results)

Savings in weight and cost of construction due to use of Friends 500 HD Bars:
Characteristics Ordinary TMT Fe 415 Friends 500 HD rebars
A Design Strength 415N/mm2 500N/mm2
B Quantity Required 1.000 MT 0.830 MT
C Savings in Weight 170 Kg.
D Rate of Rebars per MT (Indicative Example – Actual Rates vary) 39000 40000
E Effective Cost (B)x(E) – (Indicative Example – Actual Rates vary) 39000 33200
F Cost Savings compared to ordinary TMT Fe 415 (Indicative Savings as per above example) 5800 or 14.8 %
20% Extra life/ Extra Strength to structures.
Characteristics Ordinary TMT Fe 415 Friends 500 HD rebars
Design Strength 415N/mm2 500N/mm2
Quantity Used 1.000 MT 1.000 MT
Assumed Life of Structure 25 Years 30 Years
Increase in Life 5 years OR 20%
Rate of Rebars per MT 39000 40000
Rate difference in % 2.5%
By using Friends 500 HD rebars, in same quantity as Ordinary bars, people looking at Building Long Lasting Structures can provide upto 20% more life/strength to structures.

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